Los Angeles. Atlanta. Chicago.

Photo Credit: Rachel Stander

So what's it like being raised by couple of clinical psychologists in Chicago's South Side? Apart from every bit as weird and wonderful as you think, somewhere along the way, I fell in love with human cognition, behavior, and motivation.

More accurately: I'm consistently captivated by the myriad of weird sh*t people say, do, and believe.

In high school, I fell in with the rough-and-tumble Speech & Drama crowd and the next thing I knew, I was waking up at 6am on Saturdays to pull on nylons and talk to walls in tiny voices. More bizarre behavior stoked by a love of performance and creation continued through my stint at Ithaca College and drove me back to Chicago after graduation to study at The Second City and earn my proverbial stripes working in commercials, theatre, and independent film.

Call me a 90's kid, but my one true love, my singular obsession, has always been and will always be episodic television.

Armed with only an iMac and my own tenacity, I packed my worldly possessions and drove out to L.A. for Graduate School of the Hard Knocks. My studies continued all over town: with Lesly Kahn, Brian Reise, Chris Game, Killian McHugh, and at The Upright Citizens Brigade. 

It was there I got my first taste of episodic television and wanted more.  I met talented collaborators and began to work on my own content in earnest, beginning with my comedy webseries, Burning Bridges. The webseries, in turn, jumpstarted a parallel career behind-the-camera as I branched out into writing music videos and developing my first pilots under the tutelage of my incredible manager, Ray Miller.

Nowadays, I happily jump around the continental U.S., relishing every opportunity to work in episodic television, indie film, music videos, regional theatre, commercials, and voice-over.