BURNING BRIDGES hits the Festival Circuit

Just got word that Burning Bridges was accepted into Roma CinemaDoc, Miami Independent Film Festival, and Women's Only Entertainment Film Festival! Thanks and congrats to the incredible team that made it all possible: Director Joe Zohar, Producers Steve Vasquez Jr and Jorge Rivera, Art Director Sallie Falls, and to the talented Natalie Palamides and Dan Prevette!

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Props to Director Jorge Rivera, Cinematographer Joe Zohar, Producer Steve Vasquez Jr, Art Director Sallie Falls, and Cast Members: Natalie Palamides, Monica Lani, Andrea Savo, Maitley Weissman, Brianna McClellan, Tamara Perry, Vanessa Born, Alice Avery, Mariel Flores, Toyin Moses, Gwendolyn Druyor, Silvja Padjen, Eileen VanderLeun, Lauren Larson, and Carly Walsh!